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For additional information regarding these Terms and Conditions or any other aspect related to the products and services offered by SC Bright Distribution SRL, please contact us by email at the address suport@bebright.ro.


These User’s Terms and Conditions are applicable to all websites (including, but without being limited to www.bebright.ro) owned and operated by the company SC Bright Distribution SRL, having its headquarters in Bucharest, Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, No. 8, Feper Building, 4th Floor, 2nd Sector, Romania, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/3213/2014, unique registration code RO32928303. Any person accessing these websites will need to read these Terms and Conditions  below, before accessing the websites and will need to accept them without limitations or reserves. SC Bright Distribution SRL reserves its right of unilaterally changing, to add and / or withdraw a part of or the entire content of the present legal conditions for using the websites.


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General information

The purpose of these websites is to inform its users and to help them to find as easy, structured and fast as possible, the information they need regarding the products, services and solutions offered by SC Bright Distribution SRL to its clients.

The Company SC Bright Distribution SRL cannot be made liable, directly, accidentally, specifically, punitively, contractually or n any other way for the damages generated in whole or in part by the use of these websites or by the information contain therein.

Do not send any information which you claim to be in your property or confidential, with the presumption that they will be accepted with such restriction. We do not want any such information from you and we will only accept it if presented along with the understanding that SC Bright Distribution SRL has no obligation of protecting it.

SC Bright Distribution SRL and its partners and suppliers undertake no liability for the loss of data or information resulted from delays, unfulfilled orders or orders which do not reach their recipient, caused by events out of the control of SC Bright Distribution SRL, of its suppliers or due to the user’s omission errors. SC Bright Distribution SRL and its suppliers exclude any suggestion or guarantee that:

a) the service will be uninterrupted or error free

b) any defects will be corrected

c) the service or server it provides to its users is free of viruses or any other

components that might hurt users and they can’t be responsible of any action you perform based on the respective information or service.

Under no circumstance can SC Bright Distribution SRL be responsible for losses of any nature, either direct or indirect, resulted from or connected in any way to the use or performance of the service of these websites or any other websites connected to them.


The liability of SC Bright Distribution SRL (if established by a court of law or by an arbitral tribunal), in the case of any act or fact or resulted in any other way from or in relation to the supply of services according to this contract, is limited in case of each event or in case of a series of several events to 20 USA dollars.


The content of these websites is offered to you free of charge, for informative purposes. The content of these websites (data, images, texts, graphics, symbols, web design elements, scripts, programs and other data) is the exclusive property of SC Bright Distribution SRL and is protected by the national law regarding intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks and geographical indications, as well as by any applicable international conventions. Using any elements or information mentioned above without previously obtaining the express agreement o SC Bright Distribution SRL is sanctioned according to the applicable laws.


The content of the websites (ex: www.bebright.ro) owned and operated by SC Bright Distribution SRL can’t be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, copied or transmitted in any way, including the electronic form, without the previous written agreement of SC Bright Distribution SRL.


Conditions, Guarantees and Limitations
SC Bright Distribution SRL reserves is right of suspending, modifying, annotating or deleting in any moment and in a discretionary manner, totally or partially, the data of the website owned, depending on the changes taking place in relation to the services, solutions and products offered, without being necessary to obtain the agreement of a third party.
SC Bright Distribution SRL undertakes no liability in case that its websites can’t be accessed by the Users, for an unlimited period of time, due to any technical or commercial reasons.
SC Bright Distribution SRL reserves its right to modify, in any moment, totally or partially the content of the information presented on the websites, without any previous notification of the Users.
SC Bright Distribution SRL does not offer any guarantee with regard to the User’s communication conditions, including the state of their personal computer.


Users understand and accept that the access to the presented websites and services will be objectively conditioned by the internet connection and by the hardware and software facilities used by each User. SC Bright Distribution SRL reserves its right of suspending or removing any of its websites without previously notifying the Users.


SC Bright Distribution SRL does not make any reference on its websites to the compatibility between the Users’ computer and these websites and undertakes no liability for any failure of accessing any of the websites due to compatibility problems with the computer of each User. These websites will be accessed willingly, and the Users will undertake irrevocably and unconditionally the responsibility for accessing these websites.


Personal data protection
All personal data of Users shall be collected and processed in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and their free movement. The detailed method of processing and protecting personal data is contained in the confidentiality policy applicable to all websites owned by SC Bright Distribution SRL, available for information on this website. All information provided by users to SC Bright Distribution SRL through the websites are used only in the purposes they were introduced for – placing online orders or requesting additional information. In compliance with laws in force, SC Bright Distribution SRL does not supply your data to unauthorized third parties, it does not encourage spam, and does not make the data provided by you publicly available, without your agreement.
By accessing the online order services or the services for transmitting messages for requesting additional information, you agree that SC Bright Distribution SRL has the right of inserting your name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number along with all the other information supplied by you, in a computerized database having the following purposes:

  • for SC Bright Distribution SRL to use these data for sale and marketing purposes;
  • for preventing or detecting crimes or frauds.


Limitation of liability
The websites can contain inaccurate data or errors. The information on the website is prepared and supplied “as such” without any warranty, for example, but without being limited to, with regard to the satisfactory quality or the utility of an information for a certain purpose. SC Bright Distribution SRL does not undertake any liability for any type of special damage, indirect or consequential, or for any prejudices or other damages that could result from or in connection with the use of the information provided on the websites owned by the company or from accessing, navigating on and using these websites.

SC Bright Distribution SRL will make reasonable efforts in order to provide correct and updated information, but it does not guarantee for their accuracy or completeness. SC Bright Distribution SRL shall be exonerated of any liability with regard to any damages resulting from the access or from the impossibility of accessing the websites or from the retrieval and use of data included in the websites owned by the company. The descriptions corresponding to the supplied products and services are offered as general references with regard to the nature and type of the products and services offered by SC Bright Distribution SRL. Users which are interested in these products or services will directly address to SC Bright Distribution SRL at the email address suport@bebright.ro in order to obtain complete and updated information.


SC Bright Distribution SRL has the right, but not the obligation, of monitoring the content of its websites, in order to determine if the Terms of this agreement and any other rules of use established by SC Bright Distribution SRL are observed and also for verifying if the law is observed and in order to meet the requirements of the competent state bodies.