Romservice Telecommunications (RST) is authorized Romanina partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) for telecommunications equipment.

The main objective of RST is providing solutions that guarantees will minimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the best ROI (Return of Investment) to the customers. Companies require communications solutions that seamlessly integrate in the “technology” of their business and even, if possible, to add it new values. RST also offers solutions for financing of these solutions acquisition.


In general, there are 4 potential directions for choosing a good telecommunications solution:

1. increase of the company sales and market share, at the expense of competitors that not use the solution;
2. reduce the costs not only for telecommunications, but also with the productive time of employees and other costs;
3. intensive use of telecommunications infrastructure that you already own, regardless of its brand;
4. improving your company’s image and competence.


SIEMENS meet these objectives with the Open Communications strategy, which is based on its
seven principles:

• Unified Communications, meaning that all communications addressed to an user to be accessible in one
place and through any terminal that it uses;

• IT-based communications, a firm option for SIP and Linux, a clear targeting to centralized or all-in-one-box

• Convenience from fixed to mobile, by integrating all mobile communications, independent from the various networks coverage;

• Integration into business processes by ready-made solutions, in order to be interconnected with widespread applications on the market;

• Using the solutions is a great and rewarding experience;

• Communications can be implemented in various forms, e.g. hosted services etc.;

• Solutions are designed in an innovative manner to ensure business continuity of company activity during the implementation phase.

As reults, it is clear that any company holding any telecommunications solutions can find a solution to optimize, develop or transform communications, tailored to its business needs.


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