Through the experience gained in implementing MDM / EMM solutions, we offer to our clients the possibility to implement turnkey projects.


The MDM / EMM solutions offered by Bright allow support teams, IT administrators and project managers to monitor, manage and provide remote support. The proposed solutions provide an overview of the entire mobile equipment fleet, enabling administrators to offer the highest level of support, optimize device performance and make informed decisions.

By implementing an MDM / EMM system, customers get the ability to control and manage mobile devices in the company, regardless of their location, the type of connection used, or their type.

The portfolio of MDM / EMM solutions covers all types of devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, kiosk devices, STBs, etc.) as well as a wide range of operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android TV).


The MDM / EDM solutions in the Bright portfolio allow the development of complex projects with specific characteristics, and are customized to meet the specific challenges of various fields, such as education, banking, industry or retail.

The client has the flexibility to choose ways to license various monthly/annual subscriptions or lifetime licensing, as well as the implementation type, be it cloud-based or on-premise.